Ultimate Protection

Pop-up Mosquito Nets

Trimco mosquito nets need neither hooks nor supports, our nets are completely self-supporting, whether for use on a bed or on the ground, their unique design, incorporating a valence which will tuck under a mattress or can be simply pegged to the earth will ensure your maximum protection.

  • The finest polyester mesh is stretched in use, to allow free circulation of air and the zipped doors accommodate ease of entry and exit, during the day or whenever required, these doors can be rolled back. The slightly expanded width at the area where the body is horizontal gives unrestricted freedom of movement and a sense of well being. Robust gauge, coated, sprung steel frame ensures durability.

    Assembled Size

    Super King Size: 78" X 78" X 56"
    King Size: 72" X 78" X 56"
    Double Size: 60" X 78" X 56"
    Single Size: 42" X 74" X 52"
    Mini Size: 39" X 48" X 39"

    All sizes are approximate
    flexible for most mattresses

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    Easy Solution

    Simple 'pop up' and foldaway action coupled with corrosion free use during the lifetime of the product.

    Designed for use in any geophysical area and climate, indoors or outside, the protection is the same. With simple, easy to follow instructions, washing, drying and re-use cannot be simpler.

    Mini Size
    for Children

    Replaces the baby size with more versatile dimensions, to accommodate cot, floor or bed use.

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    Mini Size
    for Meditation

    The mini size has a parallel design for use as a meditation net, providing 100% protection for those who practice this discipline whether inside or out.

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    Mosquito Nets
    for Hotels

    Easy to setup, fold and put away, Trimco pop-up mosquito nets are a bonus for hotel guests and show that you go that extra mile.

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    Easy Solution...
    Self supporting,
    use anywhere.

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    Not only for sleeping.

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