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We are in business to provide a 'bridge' between differing cultures and markets, adding more value to customer relationships than our competitors, operating a policy of developing close, honest and ethical dealings with our associates. From planning and design, through manufacture to end user, we innovate, monitor and control the processes. 'Getting it right'......

In 1986 the original company was formed, to which TRIMCO LTD( UK) is the successor. Primarily a trading company, with special interest in the EU, S.E.Asia and China. Since 2005 we have focused on Sri Lanka and Trimcolanka(pvt) ltd is our associate company through which, as a natural hub, we are able to expand our interests in these areas.

The main thrust of the company's business has been to present products to the market which have added value throught specific needs, i.e. Our each item's functionality and application has been researched, designed and manufactured to the higest standards. International certifications sought and obtained which have resulted in the best possible deal for the consumer.

A multi-national board of directors, offices in UK, Sri Lanka and China and direct representation in the main trading 'blocs' we are well placed to ensure effective management, response and results.

We look to consolidating our existing markets, facilitating and participating in new trading and commercial opportunities, joining with like minded organisatiions and partners who share our vision of 'success for all'.


Pop-up mosquito nets

Trimco mosquito nets need neither hooks nor supports, our nets are completely self-supporting, whether for use on a bed or on the ground, their unique design, incorporating a valence which will tuck under a mattress or can be simply pegged to the earth will ensure your maximum protection.

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Hanzha Trading Centre
Ariyarathne Project

Green Homes Furniture
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mosquito net

Instructions for pop-up mosquito net

mosquito net

Instructions for the mini size

mosquito net


To fold, care should be taken as the steel wire frame is like a spring and may cause injury if not handled according to the instructions.
To avoid damaging the mesh, when popping up the net, beware of any sharp objects which may cause a hole or tear.
To ensure easy operation and long lasting use of the zips, carefully note the illustration correct zip action.
Hand wash only, ensure the net is folded and the elasticated band is in place, using soft detergent, soak for 30 minutes. Push the net up and down a few times and rinse thoroughly.


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